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How To Reheat Pulled Pork Without Drying-out? The Best Solutions For Your Meals

Making excessively pulled pork is normal when you want to eat pulled pork for a couple of days.

Reheating pulled pork the follow-up day, still, is quite troublesome. It can even lead to unsatisfactory dried-out food if the meat is not cooked properly.

In this article, Battersby will tell you how to preserve your leftover pulled pork and how to reheat pulled pork to make it maintain tasty and moist.

Reheating Pulled Pork To Keep It Moist

how to reheat pulled pork

Reheating pulled pork to keep it moist

What is the best way to reheat smoked pulled pork? The most important thing of reheating pulled pork to keep it as juicy and tasty as freshly cooked is correct storage.

To store pulled pork correctly, you should keep it as a whole. You just shred pulled pork after reheating it.

When you let your pork butt stay as a piece, the reheated meat can hold more moisture without the dreaded dry-out.

How to correctly store pulled pork

how to reheat pulled pork battersby 2

How to correctly store pulled pork

If you have too much pulled pork, the best solution is to vacuum seal it in each portion.

Vacuum sealing is also a good way to keep all of your leftovers as it will save a lot of space and prevent bacterial growth in the fridge. Not only pulled pork but also other foods, you can start to vacuum seal and freeze them to have the best storage.

Turning to the leftover pulled pork, you will have to allow it to cool thoroughly before you portion the meat out to vacuum seal.

How Much Pulled Pork For Individual Portions?

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How much pulled pork for individual portions?

Many people put a lot of food in a single container to freeze and then defrost it. However, this method is not wise.

One smarter method is to employ a kitchen scale for weighing out similar portion sizes to serve each member of the family.

So, how much pulled pork for individual portions? We recommend that the ideal size is around 5oz for an adult and halve that for one small child.

In conclusion, you should weigh out all leftover pulled pork and then put them into a separate vacuum-sealed bag. Next, you take note of the time, weight, and name of the food in the bag.

Reheating your pulled pork

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Reheating your pulled pork

All of you had ever reheated pulled pork. However, among several methods, which one is the best method to reheat the meat without drying-out?

When you seal the pulled pork in one vacuum sealed bag, you also seal in the juice. Until you cut this bag, this juice can’t escape. 

The next problem is temperature. You will have to prepare boiling water to reheat pulled pork at an excellent eating temperature.

Put the vacuum sealed pork into a pot containing boiling water. Wait for 5 minutes with small sizes and 10 minutes for large sizes. 

Finally, you have a perfectly heated pulled pork by using a simple ingredient of boiling water. 

Other Methods To Reheat Pulled Pork

Although we have recommended the best method, you can use other reheating methods if you did not vacuum seal your pulled pork. Let’s dive in to know how to reheat your pulled pork leftovers. 

Reheating pulled pork in the oven

how to reheat pulled pork battersby 5

Reheating pulled pork in the oven

How to reheat smoked pulled pork? Reheating pulled pork in oven will take the least time and effort to do smoky meat.

First, heat the oven to 225 Fahrenheit.

Put the pork butt whole or shredded pork in one oven proof dish. Then, pour some liquid into the meat. This liquid aims to substitute for the lost moisture. You can pour a little apple juice or BBQ sauce (barbecue sauce).

Wrap this dish with a double layer of aluminum foil to prevent the moisture from escaping. Next, lay it on the baking tray and put it into the oven.

Bake until the meat thermometer illustrates an internal temperature of 165 Fahrenheit.

When your meat reaches 165 Fahrenheit, remove the aluminum foil and keep cooking pulled pork for a few minutes to add a smoky flavor.

You should take heat-proof gloves to pull the meat out of the oven.

Reheating pulled pork on the grill

how to reheat pulled pork battersby 6

Reheating pulled pork on the grill

Grill reheating pulled pork will prevent the moisture from escaping out of the meat. To generate the two-zone baking area on the gas grill, let one of the burners be shut off while letting one burner be set to hot. 

Allow the hot zone up to the temperature that the other zone or indirect heat side stays at 225 Fahrenheit.

Pull the meat out of the freezer and let it melt completely. Cover it in two layers of aluminum foil. Add in a quarter of a cup of water to replace the lost moisture.

You can add some BBQ sauce if you love this sauce.

Put the pork butt package on the indirect heat side on the gas grill until the internal temperature reaches 165 Fahrenheit.

Then, crack the foil and put the meat on the direct heat side of the gas grill to make it crispy. 

Take your pulled pork from the gas grill, shred it, pour all the remaining juices from the aluminum foil into the meat.

Reheating pulled pork in a crock pot or a slow-cooker

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Reheating pulled pork in a crock pot (slow-cooker)

Have you ever reheated pulled pork in a crock pot? In fact, the crock pot (slow-cooker) is the best method of reheating your pulled pork for lazy cooks.

Let your frozen pulled pork defrost for 24 hours before you reheat it in the slow-cooker. 

Install the slow-cooker in a warm setting. Next, put the meat in the pot.

You can add some liquid you like but not too much as the slow-cooker can keep the meat moist.

The crock pot (slow-cooker) will make the pulled pork up to the desired temperature of 165 Fahrenheit after a couple of hours. 

How To Reheat Your Pulled Pork With The Sous Vide Method

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Reheating pulled pork with the Sous Vide method

Sous vide means that you will immerse foods in a hot water bath when the vacuum-sealed bag covers them. 

Sous vide simply equates to ‘under vacuum.’ It is a great way to cook the meat with a soft texture. If you do not have one sous vide machine, you can employ a big stove-top pot. 

Sous vide is a common and inexpensive method to reheat your pulled pork when the meat is frozen, especially when you do not have enough time to wait.

Set the sous vide machine up to 165 Fahrenheit.

Put the vacuum bag with pulled pork into this machine.

Keep the bag sitting in the hot water bath. The reheating process is totally one hour and 15 minutes if it is frozen. Reduce to 45 minutes if it is melted.

No extra moisture comes in the meat as the bag seals pulled pork and sous vide adopts indirect heat to cook the food.

How to reheat pulled pork in the microwave?

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Can you reheat pulled pork in the microwave?

It is possible to reheat pulled pork in the microwave. This method may be the fastest one to cook the meat. The reheating process is very short for you to wait.

Depending on your storing pulled pork style, there are some variables in the way that you reheat your pulled pork. 

If you store the meat in plastic wrap like a vacuum bag, it is not safe to put it into the microwave. Then, you will have to transfer the pulled pork to one microwave-safe container.

After you make sure the meat is in a microwave-safe bowl, seal it and set a medium heat until the internal temperature can reach 165 Fahrenheit. The reheating process will just take a few minutes. 

If you find your meat drying out, just add a little sauce. 


So, how to reheat pulled pork? Pulled pork is the favorite meat that everybody likes to have for the meal every day. It is the reason why we often cook an abundance of pulled pork meat and reheat it for the next day.

The key point of how to reheat meat is how to keep pulled pork moist with the desired temperature for a perfect meal. You can add a splash of liquid like apple juice to replace the moisture loss.

We have discussed and analyzed several reheating food methods so that you can choose the best way to reheat pulled pork

Hopefully, you will have delicious meals with your family!